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At iluk, we make finding a last-minute hair and beauty appointment delightful.

We are on a mission to shake up the beauty, barbering and hair industry by changing the way people get in the chair. We’re creating the first truly on-demand marketplace for the hair and beauty industry by matching you with a top salon based on what service you need and when you need your appointment.

We also help salons and barbershops fill their expiring availability, attract new clients, increase their visibility and bring in new business in just a few taps. For salons and barbershops, think of us as a way to bring your walk-ins, phone calls and DMs online.

We are super passionate about what we do and what we are building.

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Our story

The story of iluk begins with a failed bikini wax.

Endlessly busy with work, co-founder Karine had only a few minutes to hide in a bathroom stall between meetings at her consulting firm to find a last-minute appointment. Knowing only a few of the nearby salons and pressed for time, she called around to see if someone could pencil her in during her limited availability.

Everyone was booked.

She returned to her desk frustrated, knowing that some salon out there MUST have a free slot that fit her schedule. If only she could find and book an appointment discreetly on her phone during her meeting instead of having to call around through hushed whispers in a bathroom stall. She decided that booking personal-care appointments shouldn’t be this difficult and if a service to solve this problem didn’t yet exist, then she would have to build it herself! The idea for iluk began to take shape.

To bring this idea to life, Karine enlisted her best friend Stacey and tech wizard Mayur. They decided to embark on the adventure of building the first app to book last-minute appointments at top-rated salons and barbershops in Canada, launching the iluk app in December 2019 with several dozen amazing salon partners in Toronto and Montreal.

When COVID-19 emerged a few months later forcing salons and barbershops to close their doors, the team realized that this was the perfect opportunity to go back to the drawing board, and build a new version of iluk that could help users get in the chair faster, while helping salons to easily fill in their availabilities in a way that hadn’t been done before.

With that, iluk has entered its most exciting chapter yet: reinventing the way people get in the chair last-minute, while bringing salons new clients.

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