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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is iluk PRO for?
iluk PRO is for independent beauty, hair and wellness professionals operating a one-person business whether it’s full-time or as a side hustle. You have a team of two or more? Contact us at
What is iluk PRO’s pricing?
iluk PRO offers mobile professionals accessible and affordable pricing: To check pricing Click Here
Can I try iluk PRO for free before committing?
Absolutely! Discover iluk PRO with a free 30-day trial.
How do my clients book an appointment on iluk PRO?
When you sign up for iluk PRO, you will receive your own personal booking link and webpage that you can share with your clients, or add to your Instagram profile. When clients click on your link, they will see your list of services which they can then book. You can find your Webpage Link in the Settings tab of your iluk PRO account.
How do bookings work on iluk PRO?
First, set up your working hours by going to your My Profile tab and then clicking Working Hours. You can decide to enable Instant Book or Request To Book to decide how your clients book. When you enable Instant Book, your clients will be able to instantly book an appointment (service, time, date and payment method depending on your Settings) without you having to review the request first. Their booked appointment will be instantly blocked in your agenda. When you enable Request To Book, your clients will submit a request for an appointment (service, time, date and payment method depending on your Settings) through your Webpage and you will receive an in-app and email notification. You will have to review the details of the appointment request and confirm it. If you are NOT able to accommodate the appointment request, you can either:
  • suggest another day or time slot (eg: you won’t be in the client’s neighbourhood on the day they requested)
  • Decline the booking and the client’s card will not be charged.
At every step of the way both you and your client will receive notifications of the steps undertaken. You can consult all your appointments in your Calendar under the Appointments tab of your iluk PRO account. For pre-paid bookings, the client’s credit card is only charged once you accept and confirm the appointment.
How do I add a “Book” button on my website?
If you have a website, you can also add your booking link there. Contact us at and we’ll hook you up with a Book button for your website!
How do my clients pay for their appointments?
You have total control over how you’d like your clients to pay for their appointments. You can have clients pre-pay for their appointment in advance by credit card, or you can accept payment at the end of the appointment, either by cash or by charging the client’s credit card through your iluk PRO app. You can also decide to be cash-only. The choice is yours! You can set your payment options in the Settings tab of your iluk PRO account.
How do I get paid when my clients pay by credit card?
To begin accepting credit card payments, you must first connect your bank account through Stripe within the Settings tab of your iluk PRO account. Stripe is our payment processor (it’s the best in the industry in terms of security!). When clients pay by credit card, the amount is then transferred to your bank account within 5 business days.
Can I request a deposit from clients?
Yes! Before accepting a booking from a client that wishes to pay after their appointment, you can ask them for a credit card deposit. You can set up the deposit amount in the Settings tab of your iluk PRO account. This is a great feature for first time clients!
Can I set up a cancellation fee on iluk PRO?
Yes! You can impose a cancellation policy for credit card bookings. Go to the Settings tab on your iluk PRO account where you can then input the specifics of how you’d like your cancellation policy to work (e.g., if a client cancels within 2 hours of the appointment, they are charged a 25% penalty fee).
I service multiple cities, towns or neighbourhoods, how does that work?
You can set up different cities, towns and neighbourhoods from which you want to accept bookings. To do this, go to the Service Areas tab in your iluk PRO account and click “Add New Area”. You’ll be able to search by city, municipality or neighbourhood!
How do I cancel my iluk PRO subscription?
You can cancel your iluk PRO subscription in the Subscription tab of your iluk PRO account. Disable the Auto Renew toggle and your card will not be charged for the next payment cycle.
How do I permanently delete my iluk PRO account?
To permanently delete your account with us, email us at
How do tips work?
If you have enabled credit card payments, clients can either tip in advance or leave a cash tip at the end of their appointment.
How do I get notified that an appointment has been made?
When a client makes a booking with you, you will be notified by email, by text message, and push notifications in the iluk PRO app. You can see all confirmed appointments in the Calendar tab of your account and in list form in the Appointments tab.
Can I set up a 2-way sync with my personal calendar?
You can sync your Google calendar with iluk PRO’s calendar. When you do this, all iluk appointments will also appear in your Google calendar, and all of your other Google calendar events will show up as blocked off in your iluk Calendar. We do not yet integrate with iCal or Outlook.