Support Your Favourite Salon
Help save a local business by buying a gift card now for later. They have been there for you and need you to show some support during these tough times. Your gesture will go a long way and they are excited to serve you once all of this is behind us and they reopen their doors to all of us.
Recognize Today's Superheroes
Our friends, family and community members are showing up every day during the current COVID-19 crisis, working tirelessly to make us feel safe. They are today's superheroes will need some well-deserved pampering when all of this is behind us. Show them some love, support and recognition for their hard work and bravery.

Our Mission

ILUK matches people looking for a beauty, hair or barber appointment with the best Salons and Barbershops of Montreal and Toronto.

Our Salon and Barbershop Partners closed their doors during this COVID-19 crisis to encourage #socialdistancing. The owners are people like you and I that have a business to run, employees to pay and families to feed.

Our users are people like you and I that need a haircut, manicure or beard trim. Many of these people are at the front line of the virus crisis. They work in hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, banks and pharmacies. They are essential during these tough times. They are today's superheroes